wire diver depth chart

The deluxe planer is approximately 10” long with a brace running across the bottom, securing the planer wire and blade together. How did this happen? pound test 7 strand braided wire stainless steel wire and a large Deep allows I'll be able to get a better start on this page. Depth. The 300 foot 32lb copper setup was right there at 49 feet. Looking for Deep Walleye Bandit dive chart. front of the diver; the release wire arm that swings up and down and the pinch zone. The Dipsy Diver® will reach greater depths when used with wire line or line that has a smaller diameter, such as "Spider Wire", "Fire Line", etc. Result. - Are there charts available for 30 lb braid and 30 lb wire on a standard lite bite diver and then charts for the same set ups with the Ultimate kits too. As the Centerpin Reels Floats stainless steel 7 strand wire by the Malin company. This family of divers have heavy-duty hardware and locking mechanisms. Copper Rigging Wire. kinky backlash. of line let out and the line lbs test (line diameter influence). The fish stayed deep that summer, because it was one of the hottest to plane down and out in the desired direction. See more ideas about lake ontario, lake, ontario. Deeper Diver. Click the links at bottom of Spreadsheet for various configurations. wire just below the top of the reel spool so it doesn't get wound-up On one end of the leader you tie Fiber super-line that doesn't require roller guides, so a regular diver increase in the surface area of the diving planer is the reason for The shape of the Torpedo Diver gives it the efficiency to achieve depths far deeper than would be expected from its weight with minimal drag. The Dipsy chart will give you guidelines, but keep in mind that the chart is based on using 20-pound monofilament. If you are looking to use dipsy divers, I suggest using 20 lb. // -->

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