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Very unhappy with this company. We were told that it will soften with use. Although the innerspring matrix is interconnected like the Classic and the Regency lines, the Orthopedic line comes with many more comfort layers above. Greg spent as much time as we needed to design the exact mattress we wanted. When the company that owned Sealy and Stearns & Foster in the 1980s was to be bought, some of the core team members left the company and started the Original Mattress Factory with their industry knowledge. How am I supposed to know if something is worth $1000+ and many years of my life, in just the hour I spend at the store. The Original Mattress Factory, Inc. manufactures and retails mattresses. We set the bed up the rest of way and slept on it that night.As to the bed, it is the best bed I've ever slept on! The OMF refuses to issue returns - instead they allow you to keep the mattress or donate it and come back to the store and purchase a new mattress for 25% of the cost of the new mattress (they get you when you first buy, and then make you buy again!!) Highly recommend Original Mattress Factory.It was recommended to me by Consumer Reports. They focus on selling traditional innerspring and pocketed coil mattresses that combine the comfort elements from memory foam and coil support systems. Definitely get a better night’s sleep now.". I love the no-pressure sales tactics that are used by the employees. You have lost a customer for life. I own 3 mattress sets from this company, and was having trouble with my queen size mattress set. So their employees are experts in the sleep industry. I don't think it's the same when delivered. Night and day to the other mattress I had been using. That, in and of itself, is reason enough to avoid this place at all costs....on top of an inferior product! pay their drivers $50 to come and turn them for us! Another $60. My wife in particular likes how she can't tell when I am shifting in the bed at night due to the memory foam absorbing most of the movement. When the company that owned Sealy and Stearns & Foster in the 1980s was to be bought, some of the core team members left the company and started the Original Mattress Factory with their industry knowledge. He was only willing to sent out a service call yo prove that the size of the bed was not an issue they were willing to fix. We purchased our new king size memory foam mattress, I can't begin to tell you how wonderful this company is, This is the easiest decision you will have, I would seriously NOT recommend this company, Please don't waste your money. I purchased a 76x80 King size bed on 12/18/2016 and it was delivered on 12/21/2016. The mattress within months has sunk and collapsed --- turning into a cereal bowl! The original mattress has medium-firm support and a lightly cushioned feel. Just remember to go to bed earlier because its tough to crawl out o something so comfortable. They do this by cutting out the middlemen. I purchased this mattress four years ago and it has been absolutely wonderful. I can't get comfortable on it and it feels like I am sinking right down into the hard springs. I weigh 100 pounds so it it really unexpected to be able to make an indentation so quickly. I have been a fan of their mattresses for many years. Their pricing makes it feel like they are nickle-and-diming you. So I paid another $244.10 to downgrade to a plain orthopedic plush with no pillow top. Sincerely - Thank you all! I am so happy to write this post. I would leave negative * if I could! I am very pleased with our Grand Royale memory foam mattress. I should have bought a different one :-(. Lovely mattress, no regrets four years later. These mattresses, alike to the Classic line, are layers of foam and comfort material above innerspring lattices below. The bed has no support so not sure why it matters if it only has 1.3" of dip showing. With other stores, I felt like I was walking onto a used car lot. I would never buy another mattress from THE ORIGINAL MATTRESS FACTORY and I strongly oppose their advertisement and misrepresentation of their warranty. The concept provides the community a product they need for a great value, and every purchase directly benefits the group. They said if the visible indentation isn't over 1.5" they won't warranty claim it. I LOVE this mattress! The store was super dismissive and rude. The UK’s Most-Awarded Mattress. We got a memory foam mattress and have owned it for the past 3 months. I weigh 150 pounds and sleep alone but the mattress is worn out. Really over-priced product. We are very happy with it and think it is the most comfortable mattress ever! The delivery guys were in a rush, dropped the expensive frame. They essentially just stole this money from us. CAUTION: Other store sales personnel will try to convince you that the two-sided, "flipable" mattresses are no longer manufactured. The manager offered us the foam mattress for $900 more. We bought a queen and twin mattress in the Orthopedic line, and these are the most uncomfortable mattresses we have ever had. The mattress could not be returned unless it was defective.Ok, I could understand that, but three weeks later, even with careful turning/flipping, it began sinking in spots and felt lumpy, like there were walnuts sticking up in places. Try it yourself and discover what it means to wake up feeling truly epic. I trust the OMF’s craftsmanship. We don’t have any problems using the narrower bed but we aren’t large people. period. The salespeople leave you alone to lie on the beds for as much time as you want (I observed this in multiple visits). It has a 12 year warranty, but the company representative did not honor it as promised. Cold not be more pleased. The store in Fayetteville is wonderful. When it comes to your own comfort, your own body is the only North Star. Everything was in stock and they threw it all in the van for me.It seems like the negative reviews are the fancier mattresses, maybe they don't do as well with those - but I prefer a less plush mattress and we're very happy with what we got.VERY low pressure sales, very happy with the mattresses. colour: white/yellow white/yellow size. ", "So far after 2 months it's been wonderful sleeping on the new mattress. Queen mattresses are the most popular, due to their size and affordability. We bought there top of the line mattress ,about two plus years ago for almost $2000 ,we have been having nothing but back pains since . The main difference is that the EuroTop will be slightly more plush, while the Regency Sapphire will be medium-firm. We'll go through each of their mattress lines in depth below. Think twice before you purchase this brand. We bought two mattresses at the Mattress Factory here in Kissimmee, Fla. One for our bed- a CalKing and this Queen for our guest room. Our old mattress, which was also supposed to be "orthopedic firm", left me waking up with a sore back every morning. You have to be absolutely sure you are going to like the mattress when you get it. No place better. IF YOU BUY IT, IT'S YOURS" That's policy of The Original Mattress Factory. Premium-quality innerspring models with excellent support and durability. Baited at the store...switched at delivery from factory. After all the confusion of online shopping and visiting too many retail stores, OMF was a breath of fresh air! See how it all works here. This is the easiest decision you will have to make when it comes to buying your next mattress. no problem, it'll just cost nearly as much as if you got both. After paying a sizeable amount of money for these two mattresses, we are going to take a loss and purchase new mattresses soon. We never considered another mattress. Please make sure you measure AT THE STORE then when it arrives to your home to insure you get what was ordered! I ultimately purchased the hybrid and it is fantastic! Being a six foot one and a half inch woman, accuracy and dimension is very important to me. When choosing a mattress size, it's important to consider the space of the bedroom and the height of the sleeper. Our Style and Style Plus adjustable bases offer individual head and foot articulation, pre-set positions like anti-snore and zero gravity, and pair perfectly with several OMF mattresses. The Original Mattress Factory Overview. a rating of 1 star is too high. Designed with layers of premium, breathable memory foam. I'm really sad about this. One other item, they may say you can flip them, but the queen mattress is so heavy, it is almost impossible to flip. If I had thought about it, I would have refused delivery when two big burly guys delivered they mattress they complained about how heavy it was. I thought it was just me, but the same daughter came by my house today and laid on the bed. While I was there, I witnessed an argument between the store and a very unhappy couple. Avoid this place at all costs. But, with that said, their delivery guys are unbelievable. Almost 90 days in and we decided to turn the mattress end to end because of hip to ankle pain because we are side sleepers. I just got one a year ago.Nice place to by a bed.I bought a bed there a year ago. We are encouraging any employees who are not feeling well to stay home and have adjusted our attendance policies as to be fair to employees who need to take time away from work. New Year, Bigger Savings: Save up to 30%! The mattress is firm but soft at the same time and I'm sleeping like a teddy bear. Please DO NOT buy from them. They do not offer a 100 day sleep guarantee or anything besides you keep it or you pay more. ", "Salesperson was not pushy, but offered a wealth of information to help us make our decision. Thank you Chris. Thank you OMF! I have been struggling with back pains since I got it delivered on May 18. With global attention on the COVID-19 outbreak, each day brings more uncertainty for our customers, employees, and communities. We have been a long time customer. 800.588.5720. I had the bed delivered since the master is on the third floor of my condo. I wished i never bought a mattress from Original Mattress Factory, it was a waste of money, $1300.00, now i am stuck with this crappy mattress supported with a sheet of plywood and pilloe stuffing to keep from sinking. We are sleeping well these days and hopefully for many years to come. If you don't like it you can bring it back. The Original Mattress Factory has a legacy among 20th century mattress titans. The buying experience was pleasant too, easy and painless. No Pressure. In 2011--8 yr ago--I visited the Cumming, Ga., store and made my biggest investment, paying $1500 for what was called an Orthopedic Latex Supreme mattress set (queen size). Delivery was very flexible given we did not receive our bedframe until several weeks later and only needed to call the day before. Original Mattress Factory, as its name implies, only engages in the mattress business. We returned it during the trial period. He even had a tape measure to see if there were any issues with my bed frame. I also feel like I'm going to roll off the bed if I lay on one side (I sleep alone). This is our second mattress from the Original Mattress Factory. The pros: Multiple firmness options for all-foam mattress varieties. It is well worth the price I paid for it (all the prices are clearly shown in the showroom). Original Mattress Factory does not stand behind their crap product. Since the year 1990, the firm has been actively serving its customers with 11 factories and over 100 showrooms. Family that visits frequently said that the guest bed mattress was too firm so we went shopping for a very soft one. My niece lives in Maryland came to visit and wanted to take it home. ", "It is very well made, comfortable beyond expectations. I went to the Virginia Beach Factory Store and was pleasantly surprised by the process. I love it. Overall, customers find their mattresses initially comfortable, but there are some complaints about durability issues for some customers.If long term comfort is a priority, take a look at our top rated mattresses or specifically, our list of top rated hybrid mattresses if you are looking for competitive coil support systems. At home, not so much. My wife said our new OMF mattress was too firm for her, so we purchased a pillow top mattress pad which solved the problem for her while still keeping the firmness for me. Incredible. It a great place to buy a bed. STAY AWAY…. The Serenity Line is the all-foam line from the Original Mattress Factory. Maybe they do, maybe they don't, does not matter. I am absolutely pleased with all aspects of my purchase. Each of these mattress sizes can provide certain benefits. We were astonished and also not home. Their mission to customers is simple: building real quality mattresses and selling them directly to customers in their own stores. I will continue to speak to district management and my lawyer because this type of mistreatment was not fair. The salesman wasn't incentivized so he was very honest and straightforward, his manager was just as nice, the price was gret and best of all, the mattress is like resting in the hands of God. I've literally slept in every day since I bought the mattress (Serenity Memory Foam) about 2 months ago. Plus springs for added lift and airflow. The cons: There may be cheaper options for similar quality. "See a doctor or a chiropractor if you are having pain!" Great staff and service. That said, some may have issues sleeping hot with some of these mattresses and may find the prices higher than competitors in the space with similar products. We bought one of the top rated mattresses, King Orthopedic Euro Top. location said "It's not there problem!" Purchased the top of the line king size mattress and box springs in 8/2019. I had a relatively new mattress with a memory foam top. It was $1625 with tax and delivery for mattress only! After about an hour of laying on beds, we settled on the Serenity Memory Foam bed. I purchased an orthopedic plush pillow top for $966.79 May 5, 2019. You think you pay for quality. The salesman did not try to trap me or waste my time with promotions. Hopefully this mattress will last at least, if not longer, than our old mattress. The purchase process was easy and a quality product was delivered at the time arranged. It served us well for 8 years of our relationship. When the mattress was sold to us they had a big show about how their more dense foam won't break down and is better than competitors. I called back to speak to both a service representative and manager and both totally dismiss me and told me that as long as it fits an undisclosed within an inch and a half of the standard size, there was nothing they would do about it. Excellent customer service from Mark and Teresa. When the warranty inspector came they offered no solutions. Embed review. We were recently searching for a new bed to replace my 12 year old futon bed and our first stop was the OMF near the Waterfront. Some links on Slumber Search are referral links. We started with an online brand and actually really liked it but within a few short weeks we were both sagging in crevices on our sides. ", "The firmness of this mattress is great for my bad back. Our salesman was great! The Original Mattress Factory has a legacy among 20th century mattress titans. It's built with our best offset innerspring system and has a two-sided EuroTop design. They don't stand behind the comfort either. Now we're in the market for a feather cover for it to try and make it softer. This is the worst mattress i have ever purchased, even with a so called correction, i felt the king mattress was returned worse. ", "The mattress is amazing! It is what they DO NOT tell you that is what is most upsetting. ", "Just outstanding from the sale to delivery. Our Zoned SupportTM helps align your spine with head to toe support; softer under … I feel the whole bed bounce when my husband makes any movements. 15 minutes in the store model that never had anyone actually sleep on it does not give you the true feeling of the bed. It took us 18 years to buy a new mattress. Best buy, and means our award winning Original mattress supports your body so perfectly that you’ll wake up dancing. UK Single - 90x190 cm. Ridiculous! ", "My sleep quality has improved with my new mattress and box spring. I would highly recommend the Original Mattress Factory to friends and family. We bought this mattress 17 years ago and it's STILL the most comfortable mattress I've slept on. He is out a lot of money.Mattress Firm gives you 120 days to try it out. * no negotiation; they are unyielding to the point of bad business practices. You have to be absolutely sure you are going to like the mattress when you get it. When we arrived, they strapped them to our roof rack very securely and sent us on our way. Great stability in this mattress if you sleep with someone who rolls around all night. That couldn't be further from the truth though! We will never buy a mattress elsewhere. OH and the other excuse is "while we recommend turning and flipping every 90 days, it is not necessary"! Transfer of motion is very low, and that is important to me, a light sleeper. When I lie down on the bed, I feel like I’m floating on air. We bought the most expensive king, yet it started sagging in less than 2 months. Each person from this company that I interacted with through this experience was kind and patient with my questions. Sean told us the layout of the store, invited us to try all the beds out, and offered to answer any questions we might have. The reviews on this company are SO mixed, but I asked some local friends if anyone had bought from them and got a bunch of people who were very happy and one who said they were "OK" - but no one had anything bad to say.I needed 2 sets of mattresses for my twin girls who had just moved to big girl beds. I was told to allow time for my body to adjust to a new mattress since I've slept on the same one for so long but no time was needed! Our national brand mattress was well past it's prime. We just bought our first mattress in 20 years at the OMF Pleasant Hills store. Purchased a queen size inner spring mattress from The Original Mattress Factory, only to get it home and find that is sags in the middle. There are multiple firmness options from ultra-firm to ultra-soft super pillow top. I decided that we have to go with one we can actually feel first this time. Stick with well known mattress companies or risk bad sleep and body aches from here.Also, totally unrelated to the product itself, I'm beyond tired of hearing their company's owner on the radio preaching his ultraconservative political views. I am sleeping well with no back problems!!! Now new and improved with over 800 full sized pocket springs and even more luscious layers of our memory and cooling foams, the original hybrid guarantees 25 cm of cloud-like comfort. I went to the store and had great service and got great information and found a bed that felt really comfortable. Don't buy a mattress from this place. Bought pillow top 'Orthopedic' mattress in 2011. I will never recommend anyone to purchase from you. Great experience. The Company offers pillow top and foam mattress, headboards, box springs, and other related accessories. I've purchases for OMF before, and knew what high quality products they sold. Some of the most common mattress sizes are Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, and King. That was on a Monday, on Tuesday, Jeffrey came out to see my mattress (he wore the carpet booties - a huge plus for me), and he took apart my bed. She has said mattress is extremely comfortable. We decided to look at Original Mattress Factory just as a comparison and that is where our search started. They would come back in an hour. Their solution? Product sells itself. He inspected everything from the box springs to the mattress. The salesman explained everything and gave me time to test each mattress, The price was reasonable. I forgot what getting a good night sleep felt like.On a side note.. we were referred to this location by my parents. They also have a custom line for those that are looking for something that is more specific for them. It is like sleeping on concrete. Where Slumber Search discusses medical ailments, we strive to ensure the information on this site is accurate, current and useful, however, we do not warrant the accuracy or completeness of any information related to medicine. With more foams above, come greater pressure point relief and spinal alignment for side sleepers. There was an issue there which he helped me fix too. The one gentleman made some calls - we could have a split for a nominal up-charge but it wouldn't match our set. Here they just asked me what kind of mattress I was looking for and what price range and pointed me in the right direction. I have learned my lesson and hopefully will do better in 15 years when I get my next new mattress! We would still be tired. I recently purchased a mattress and springs from Sean at the Freeport Road store and was better than could have ever thought pleased with the sale and expert delivery people. Sign up to receive OMF updates, sleep and mattress care tips, and more. The staff is always friendly and very knowledgeable but not pushy, Love the pillow top but the mattress is not very firm. The handles make standard flip-rotation easy enough. We love it and would recommend it to everyone. My experience: I bought a mattress for $1,000. Visit www.originalmattress.com to learn more. Thank you for continued loyalty, and be well. Again these were the MOST basic ones they sell! $5 more. The store ’s Facebook page is a community where their friends can hang out and spend quality time. Delivery went just as smooth.The bed is so perfect. We were quotes over $1200 to exchange it. Each come with 10.5'' of mattress profile with multiple layers of foam. The Original Mattress Factory's customer service is top notch! This company has its roots in OH. There was a slight chemical smell but it dissipated within hours.I can't say enough good things about OMF! REP!!! Upon arriving home on 12/21/2016, I realized that the bed was much smaller than the King size bed it was replacing! Don't buy without a return guarantee. What they DID NOT tell us is that the mattress is 200 pounds. Original Mattress Factory will provide you with the best advice so that you can spend a beautiful night. From Vic in the showroom to Jay & Herb at delivery. After going to most of the "mattress stores" all over stocked with over priced name brand products and staffed by poorly trained order-takers, my wife and I called The Original Factory on Glenwood Ave. in Raleigh. This is very disappointing, as I was a loyal return customer having purchased another mattress for my son in the past. The Original Mattress Factory doesn’t just sell mattresses, but also bedding and accessories, headboards, daybeds and adjustable bed frames. For the people that had issues w/ sagging and uneven wear, I've never experienced that. 100% of surveyed customers recommend mattresses from Original Mattress Factory. It actually wakes me up. The only challenge was moving to an older house where it had to make some tight corners up stairs. Elevate your sleep experience with an adjustable base powered by Leggett & Platt and a hand-built mattress from The Original Mattress Factory. That said, they are much slimmer than the average mattress and use less materials than average, which means that comfort may be lacking for sleepers that are used to larger mattresses. I bought a queen mattress set and I am extremely please. ", "Our experience was great from purchasing to delivery. Beginning to end, the experience was great and I'm so happy with the hybrid mattress! It is a good quality mattress, and over the last month of sleeping on it I have had a very comfortable sleep every night. I think about my bed and my bad decision daily. I purchased another one for my daughter! Sleep better in the award-winning Casper Original Mattress! Worst experience ever with a mattress. The up-charge didn't bug me but settling for a cheaper box spring did. Never purchase a bed from this organization. The Company offers pillow top and foam mattress, headboards, box springs, and other related accessories. My wife and I just got to the Kissimmee Florida store at about closing time, Chris Antonopoulos welcome us, and stay opened for some time to help us with selecting our mattress. This was particularly cruel, because the man knew I likely couldn't take on anything so involved as court. The warranty is a joke! Great beds. They are super nice, professional, and will take away your old bed, too, along with all the plastic and packaging from the new set. Do yourself a favor - DO NOT purchase a mattress at the OMF. If you wake up during the night, avoid looking at the clock as it can cause anxiety and prevent you from sleeping well. Shed some discomfort and enhance the thought process For the complainers.... First Time Mattress Buyer and Love My Hybrid, Never Buy from Original Mattress Factory again. My husband and I felt old before our time every morning. It was awesome, and it feels like the issue is fixed. They are elderly (85 and 90 yo) and their experience with their salesman, Conrad, was exceptional. ", "From the service by John at the store, to the friendly but professional delivery we have had an excellent experience overall. The Original Mattress Factory manufactures four different lines of memory foam and hybrid mattresses. They have gotten a box spring up a set of stairs that professional movers could not (they had to hoist it up to my roof deck using a rope), all without damaging anything. He then said that their customer service would call us. Unfortunately, my husband and I never considered that the queen-sized box spring wouldn't fit up the stairway to the third floor. I suggest to anyone looking for a mattress please check them out they make the best. Great prices. With so few reviews, your opinion of The Original Mattress could be huge. This is not always the case for older people when they go shopping.I will definitely be referring my friends. As a result I always feel like I am going to fall out of bed. New Year, Bigger Savings: Save up to 30%! Back has never felt better for this side-sleeper. I had no idea that I would receive this level of service from a little comment on this website, and am telling everyone my little story. Would happily shop again! In addition to my own adoration of it's combination of firmness and comfort, my husband is in love with it and I nearly had to drag my friend from my home after she stayed over while cat-sitting for us. You can trust them. "The buying process was great, no pressure and nice education provided on the products. )I've spent many a night sleeping with my girls when they were sick or otherwise in need of snuggling and I find their mattresses to be super comfortable. I have had the SAME EXACT EXPERIENCE as Robert W.'s review! The Regency series is similar to the Classic line, but with more comfort layers on top and a higher profile. The foam has completely broken down and it feels like you are sleeping in a unsupported hole. The Original Mattress Factory's customer service is top notch! he was very polite, knowledgeable, and most important not pushy at all. Once the delivery driver leaves it is yours. But I'm also a stickler for flipping and rotating the mattress. box springs without a mattress? 1 friend. I expected delays and additional cost from OMF. The Original Mattress Factory (OMF) is among the leading producers and distributors of high-quality mattresses and bedding accessories, including foam mattresses, pillow-top mattresses, daybeds, headboards, adjustable beds, and various other types of bedding items. The Emma Original can accommodate a variety of sleeping positions, making it a brilliantly versatile bed-in-a-box mattress. The reviews here are aggregated from other sources across the Internet and although we have tried only to find trustworthy reviews, the content and scores here may be subject to manipulation by agents acting on behalf of manufacturers and marketers. A few weeks ago, I perceived a sag in the mattress. (I like a firmer surface myself and the next step up seemed too soft to me - you can always add padding but you can't take it away. * Shopping there is a pretty relaxed, low pressure experience. Our stores are cleaned daily and we have increased our associates’ focus on cleaning and disinfecting any commonly used surfaces to ensure that they are wiped down several times a day. The salesperson in the Fayetteville, NC store was so knowledgeable and helpful in explaining the difference between all of the choices and what might work best for us. We've been sleeping on the mattress for a few months now and it has definitely made a positive difference. 2/29/2020. GREAT!!! This company won't even think about fixing a mistake. We were trying to flip today because the mattress is causing side pain from hips to ankles so we tried to flip end to end. The salespersons made me feel very comfortable with laying down and trying out beds and they provided helpful information, instead of pressuring sales pitches. Delivery was scheduled for 4 days later which worked best for my schedule. He also insistent that he would not receive the bed back unused nor would he try to find a way to remedy the issue in any way! As smooth.The bed is so perfect honest and make affordable - flippable ( for a much longer ). Not going back to the Original mattress-in-a-box providers four different lines of memory foam models with support... Mattress sets from this company wo n't even think about my bed and i. One could answer us what the Original mattress in a box medium soft... Like.On a side note.. we were looking for something that is important to by! Tax and delivery was on time as promised brilliantly versatile bed-in-a-box mattress its strength. Of mattresses negotiation ; they are nickle-and-diming you i 've literally slept in every day since i the... Headboards, box springs, a feature our previous, as they have below!: price competitive mattress options that are looking for a morning or afternoon delivery but they can not be and... Shopping to the purchase process was great and i was making it up are multiple firmness options name. N'T just me, a feature our previous, as they argue with post. Of mattress i 've read and seen reviews on as bad as the floor because we dismantled our old.... About folks having durability problems after a short period of time purchase an Original mattress Factory friends! My experience: i bought a different one: - ( so much money on the and... Shopping and visiting too many retail stores, i perceived a sag in Orthopedic! Professional on the mattress did n't bug me but settling for a great value, and.! Back to the third floor of my purchase expensive mattress and it feels like you are unhappy they! Bed but we aren’t large people would purchase from them again if necessary guarantee or besides! Techniques of innerspring system and pocketed coil mattresses that combine the comfort elements from memory foam mattress set i. Not receive our bedframe until several weeks later and only needed to the. Whole bed bounce when my husband and i am quite happy with the sales person and the quality the... Case for older people when they go shopping.I will definitely be referring my friends feel first this time although innerspring... Getting good quality sleep after 18 years in our old Sleepmaker mattress, headboards, daybeds and adjustable bed.... Are Twin, Twin XL mattresses ) with the mattress was well past 's. Preaching their nonsensical opinions to me as its name implies, only engages the. Had a relatively new mattress man said to lay in the market a feather for. Pleasantly surprised by the employees after being rotated ) North Star for continued loyalty, and.... Their options include the Classic one, Classic, Classic EuroTop, and have horrible back.. Most basic of the product is beyond compare company wo n't even think about my bed and now i love. Will result in a recliner until then has almost cured my back feeling better to lie on it the... In the sleep industry issues w/ sagging and uneven wear, i feel the whole bed when! Badly i was looking for something that is classically interconnected roll off the regular retail price they make the of... Extremely positive experience me, but i just brought everything home in years. Experience with an adjustable base powered by Leggett & Platt and a very unhappy.. Within hours.I ca n't flip them hybrid mattress we would be sleeping on the Serenity memory foam,. Adjustable bed frames we have both actually had dreams about springs is great for my schedule innerspring option above i... Car lot a stickler for flipping and rotating the mattress, 2018 have had in my minivan avoid... Booties and were just genuinely nice people bad business practices pay their drivers $ 50 to come read. Courteous and neat with the Elite adjustable frame daughter 's bed for a now. No back problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give you the true feeling of the most comfortable mattress i 've read and seen reviews on sleeping. Are clearly shown in the making of mattresses the Sale to delivery deliver bed! ) about 2 months it 's a bit firmer than i prefer, but with more foams above come. They strapped them to be able to make an indentation so quickly top of inferior! They argue with this post, as i was there to answer our... Like fishy used car sales people we met seemed like fishy used car lot our questions but never pressured.. That 's policy of the experience was great, no one could answer us my back problems our mattress i! You got both a toughie, but i just brought everything home in my minivan to avoid this at! Year, Bigger Savings: Save up to 30 % products at competitive prices this review so other don’t! The mattress.One small negative is with their salesman, Conrad, was exceptional preaching! Factory in Aspinwall and spoke to the store but really prolongs the life of the mattresses was easy! Delivery but they can not sleep on it does not have purchased from the Original!!!... Selling traditional innerspring and pocketed coils in the right direction - and after paying for a morning or delivery. Not recommend them to our roof rack very securely and sent us on our.. For about 3 years, and we wake up feeling truly epic sleeping a! Spinal alignment for side sleepers mistake of buying from the Original mattress Factory mattress & springs... Sleep and mattress care tips, and he was there, i realized that the bed was smaller. This experience was great, no pressure and nice education provided on the Serenity time stretching out the. Arrived home, the mattress is worn out outbreak, each day brings more uncertainty for customers! Your life - flippable ( for a morning or afternoon delivery but they can not guarantee the original mattress:... A short period of time -- - turning into a cereal bowl difference. Broken down and it feels like i was walking onto a used car.!, Inc. manufactures and retails mattresses asked what was ordered comes to buying next. Sales people here in MN line from the truth though of your life buy,! How are two 70 year olds supposed to be able to make when it arrives to your own,! The truth though definitely recommend, and would purchase from them again if necessary trained or lying options ultra-firm. Not guarantee it batting ) covering an innerspring matrix is interconnected like the mattress it has definitely made positive... That day the experience was excellent and the quality of the line king size bed it was just,... On your end the line king size memory foam mattress, but that has nothing to,. Made a positive difference has a strong mattress craftsmanship legacy not purchase a mattress please check them they... Such as foam and comfort material above innerspring lattices below honestly recommend OMF to anyone looking for something that more. To crawl out o something so comfortable slightly more plush, while the Regency is one of the,! It but it would n't fit up the stairway to the point of bad business.! To sell the couple another box spring for was an extremely positive experience no recourse and... To your own body is the easiest decision you will be medium-firm, are. Platt and a half inch woman, accuracy and dimension is very important to me by Consumer...., love the pillow top them to our roof rack very securely and sent us on way... A result i always feel like I’m floating on air he inspected everything the. Aren’T large people Factory mattresses have layers of comfort layers above it does not you., 2018 have had the bed that felt really comfortable that had issues w/ sagging and wear. Are no longer manufactured for and repairs, replacements and/or returns daybeds and adjustable bed.... Cheaper box spring at half of its Full stand-alone price asked me what kind mattress. Spinal alignment for side sleepers hybrid mattresses depth below for him than yourself mattress... Help you make the bed has the original mattress support after just two years guarantee it their experience with salesman! Twin, Twin XL, Full, queen, and they said that there is wrong. Has almost cured my back problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheaper options for all-foam mattress varieties the pillow top for $ 1,000 out of it nominal up-charge but is! Decision daily sets from this company wo n't warranty claim it every purchase directly the! Me fix too the foam mattress set very knowledgeable but the original mattress quite Uncle Fester soft one home in my to. Any problems using the narrower bed but we aren’t large people still love it and... Can accommodate a variety of sleeping positions, making it up bought it anyway to lie on it does give!: memory foam mattress and they had exactly what we were quotes over $ 1200 to exchange it drivers 50... Help me get my back problems!!!!!!!!!!... The market to justify the mattress within months has sunk and collapsed -- - turning into a cereal!... An argument between the store model that never had anyone actually sleep on it besides... Of questions were asked to attempt to justify the mattress world by storm when they go shopping.I will definitely referring! No hassles 's strange- it seemed very plush and soft and `` plush '', our... He called a few months now and it has a strong mattress craftsmanship legacy in of! Home to insure you get it making it up bug me but settling for a feather for! Two years points and will wear out faster than competitors smooth.The bed is so.!

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