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He cares deeply about his family and friends and was willing to risk his life to save them. Tarzan then rescued Kala from Clayton's henchmen with the help of Jane where he and his adoptive mother happily reunited. When Tarzan was shot by a vengeful Clayton, Kerchak tried to attack the poacher, only to receive fatal wounds. I’m all for a good love story because I have a heart. The depth of the river changes throughout the scene. In The Legend of Tarzan series, he has shown to take over as the leader and while he retains the majority of his personality from the film, there are some other aspects explored and expanded. Young Tantor: Aah! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He was an incredible fighter, being able to hold his own against some of the jungle's deadliest predators. While trying to acquire the elephant hair, Tarzan is seen by the elephants and mistakenly assumed to be a piranha, causing the elephants to stampede in panic. This resulted in him falling from a great height, right into a pile of boxes. However, when Tarzan revealed he managed to get the elephant hair, Terk was surprised and impressed that she gained a more better opinion of Tarzan. La Forêt de l'Enchantement: Une aventure musicale Disney, https://animals.howstuffworks.com/mammals/bipedalism.htm, Characters in the Disney animated features canon, In the book, by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Tarzan's real name is. Even though Terk is a bit bossy at times, Tarzan knows it's because Terk cares, thoug… He cares deeply about his family and friends and was willing to risk his life to save them. Even though Terk is a bit bossy … In his youth, Tarzan was playful and fun-loving but also felt like an outcast due to the fact that he was human. Terk: Like I said stupid right? The thugs try to capture him, but thanks to his agility he manages to avoid them by jumping on the cages and climbing the ship's mast. In gratitude, Kerchak leads the heroes to the world's keyhole, which is meant to be sealed by Sora and co. Once that's done, they bid their farewells, and the journey continues. However, the gorilla mistakenly leads the pack to a different route than Tarzan which turned out to be a pit of tar housing a ferocious gigantic snake. Disney Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. For example, he shows a hatred of leopards (understandably so since they killed his parents and attacked him and his family in the past) and refused to accept a baby cub that Jane found. In respond, Clayton sadistically stroke Tarzan in the chest and revealed his plan to capture the gorillas and sell them to a zoo for a large amount of money. Terk loves telling Tarzan what to do—that is, until Tarzan's physical strength proves he can hold her in a headlock instead. When Tarzan saw Clayton fatally shoot Kerchak who tried to defend him, Tarzan became enraged and tried to attack Clayton, only to take cover in the trees as he was armed with his rifle. Tantor also realized that Tarzan was trying to get an elephant hair and did not mean any harm. When Tarzan reunited with Terk, they happily embraced each other and when Terk sees that Tarzan has met another human named Jane Porter, Terk is amazed upon seeing someone like Tarzan as he gestured to her that Jane is friendly before Kerchak arrived to to lead them away. Afterward, Tarzan realized his home all along was in the jungle with his gorilla family, but even then, Kerchak had died so he had to be there for them. After Tarzan had met a human woman named Jane Porter, Kala escorted Tarzan back to the gorillas' nesting grounds and tried to get him to listen to Kerchak's orders to stay from the humans, but Tarzan was angry at Kala for not telling him that there were creatures who looked like him. His eyes are blue-green in color and his muscular body is tanned from living in the jungle all his life. As a baby, Tarzan met an infant Terk after Kala found and rescued him from Sabor. Porter then taught Tarzan about humans where he had Tarzan see different stars and comets through a telescope and even showed Tarzan how to ride a bicycle. This could imply that Kerchak influenced Tarzan. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Tarzan makes occasional meet-and-greet appearances at Disney's Animal Kingdom, near the entrance and Discovery Island. Refusing to lose to the ape-man, Clayton aggressively rips the vines with his teeth and machete, unaware that one of them has slipped like a noose around his neck. While Tarzan called Kala "Mother", he never called Kerchak "Father" since Kerchak didn't consider him his son until he was dying. And as an adult, he had matured into a more serious character but still displayed a playful and friendly side when around his family and friends. Nevertheless, Tarzan denies the humans access to the gorillas nesting grounds, due to Kerchak's orders and stubbornness. Even though Terk is a bit bossy at times, Tarzan knows it's because Terk cares, thoug… However, he cared deeply for his friends and at times, he displayed … The Love Story. “An elephant hair,” asked Tarzan nervously. He succeeds, although in the stampede he causes , panicking elephants almost crush a baby gorilla. Following his battle with Clayton, Tarzan came to Kerchak's side and asked for his forgiveness, but Kerchak instead apologized to Tarzan for not treating him as a part of the family. The two sadly embraced each other before Kala sadly watched her adoptive son leave the jungle. After Tarzan rescued Jane Porter from baboons and left with his gorilla family, she told her story to Clayton and her father, but Clayton did not believe her and found the existence of an "ape man" to be ridiculous. He at first tried to convince her to stay, but since that didn't work, Clayton used that situation to convince him to lead the explorers to the gorillas. Commonly known as the Ape Man, Tarzan was rescued and raised by a colony of apes after his parents were killed by the bloodthirsty Sabor. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Tarzan swam up behind the elephants. [Drumbeats, Thunderclaps] [Drumbeats Continue] [ Gasps ] [Man's Voice] Put your faith in what you most believe in Two worlds One family Trust your heart Let fate decide To guide these lives we see A paradise untouched by man Within this world blessed with love A simple life They live in peace Softly tread the sand below your feet now … Although Kala said Tarzan could never replace her deceased son, she still decided to adopt Tarzan as she knew that he needed her as he lost his parents while she lost her son. He cares deeply about his family and friends and was willing to risk his life to save them. After escaping the stampede, Terk pulled Tarzan out of the water, pleading with him to not die. Tantor: Get away from there!Don’t you know a piranha can strip your flesh in seconds? When Tarzan heard gunshots, after killing Sabor, he set off to investigate where he encountered a group of explorers, among them being Professor Archimedes Q. Porter. When Tarzan's feelings for Jane were noticed by Clayton, he was manipulated by Clayton to reveal the gorillas' location under the belief that Jane will stay with him if he showed the gorillas. He wears his father's clothes once when he decides to go to England with Jane and Clayton. Tarzan moves toward a near-death Kerchak, who told him that he'll now lead the troop. With Clayton and Sabor having been killed, a new line of enemies emerges for Tarzan to face, most notably Queen La, who fell in love with Tarzan and began an endless pursuit to eliminate Jane and have him as her mate. Tarzan managed to save his family in time before Clayton and his henchmen brought all of the captured gorillas to the ship. and reached out to save him, even though Clayton had fatally wounded Kerchakand attempted t… Enraged at Tarzan for interfering with his plans, Clayton tried to kill Tarzan, only to give him a bullet wound in the arm. When Kala found Tarzan, Sabor appeared and tried to kill the baby, but Kala protects him and they managed to escape from the leopard. Using the vines, Tarzan ensnares Clayton in them and seemingly brings the fight to a stand still. He has also been known to be willing to rescue his enemies; an example of this was when Clayton was about to fall to his death, and Tarzan exclaimed "Clayton! He is surprisingly very well read and is seen reading books on occasion in order to learn more, showing he has a culture. When Tarzan brought Jane, her father, and Clayton to the nesting grounds, he introduced them to Kala and tried to reassure her that his new friends were friendly, but Kala was too afraid to be near them. As Clayton aggressively attempted to free himself from the vines, Tarzan noticed that one of the vines had slipped like a noose around Clayton's neck. Tarzan becomes inspired his adoptive mother's words that he vows to become the best ape ever to Kerchak where she playfully responded by tickling him all over. says Squirt The next morning, he boarded the boat with the other humans, but was captured along with Jane and her father. Sabor comes close to killing Tarzan, but when they fall into a pit, he manages to kill the leopard by impaling her with his spear. After Tarzan was scolded by Kerchak, he resolved to earn Kerchak's approval by becoming the "best ape ever" where Terk willingly assisted him in; such as helping him climb up a tree. Tarzan (1999) Sound Clip Famous sayings and funny quotes from Disney's Tarzan (1999), featuring short sound clips that you can use as ringtones or custom computer sounds. Some of Tarzan's quadrupedal poses are physically impossible due to the fact that human legs are longer than their arms, unlike gorillas. Here is where his strength and monkey-like acrobatics turned out useless, as his shoes would slip as he tried to climb up, while his hands would slowly slip away due to tiredness. Tarzan realizes this and tries to warn him, but Clayton, blind with rage, continues to the cut vines until he accidentally cuts the one he is hanging on to, causing both him and Tarzan to fall. Terk loves telling Tarzan what to do - that is until Tarzan's physical strength proves he can hold her in a headlock instead. Kerchak expressed surprise that Tarzan came back, to which Tarzan replied that he came home. Like all rogues, Mabaya is almost constantly angry and tramples anything that he sees for almost no apparent reason. Upon rescuing and freeing Tarzan, Terk joyfully embraced Tarzan and the two work together in saving their gorilla family from Clayton and his henchmen. When Tarzan was a baby, his parents loved him very much. Tarzan's knuckle walking contradicts realistic human anatomy. Also, he hates hunters and is very protective of the forest, often kicking the hunters out and destroying their guns. As Tarzan and Jane played with baby gorillas, Kala noticed how happy her adoptive son was around Jane and realized he has fallen in love with her. Tarzan then quickly picked up how to say Jane's name and his own name in English. Television: The Legend of Tarzan • House of MouseVideo Games: Disney's Tarzan • Tarzan: Untamed • Return to the Jungle • Kingdom Hearts • Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure, Entertainment: Fantasmic! After Kala showed Tarzan the treehouse, he decided to go back to England instead, being convinced that he belonged with humans, believing he had to be more like the humans and his birth parents, and wanting to be with Jane. Even so, Clayton soon feeds into the darkness and loses his heart, allying himself with the threatening Heartless. Tarzan grew curious of the newcomers as he never seen other humans before due to being raised by gorillas all his life. He also displayed very similar traits to Kerchak as he refused to accept the baby because it was different and a threat to him and his family (which is very similar to Kerchak's reaction to Tarzan growing up and Jane defending the cub as Kala defending Tarzan). Tarzan: An elephant hair? One day, when Sabor attacked the gorilla family, Terk watched in concern for Tarzan as he fought the leopard. When Tarzan's adoptive father, Kerchak appeared and tried to attack Porter, Jane, and Clayton, Tarzan protected Porter, his daughter, and Clayton, giving them the time to flee the nesting grounds. Tarzan is the titular protagonist of Disney's 1999 animated feature film of the same name. Under the shade, Tarzan inspected her to figure out what she is, and found the answer when he pulled off her glove to find a hand similar to his. Young Tarzan was busy trying to get hair from an elephant’s tail. In the same park, Tarzan was also the leader of the former stage show, Tarzan Rocks!, which ran from 1999 to 2006. After being disowned by Kerchak, Tarzan decided to go England with the Porters. He aims it at the ruthless poacher with Clayton taunting him to be a man and shoot him. You see, leave it to me. Tarzan was also very curious and when he heard a gunshot he went to investigate while the rest of his family moved deeper into the jungle. Gorillas: He’s dead Gorillas: We’re dead!! When Tarzan decided to come to England with the Porters and Clayton, Professor Porter became happy to see that Tarzan has decided to come with them. He is easily recognized by his broken right tusk and glowing red eyes. Having lived in the jungle his whole life, Tarzan developed exceptional abilities that would be impossible for other humans. "Tarzan shows Terk an elephant hair, which shocks Terk but...since the stampede goes through the nests of gorilla's. Until Jane Porter, her father, and Clayton arrived he had never seen another human before and was, therefore, unaware of what species he was. Tarzan is the only human being able to speak the language of the Great Apes...until now. In "One Punch Mulligan", he refuses to fight Mulligan because he does not want to give in to his demands and doesn't believe fighting for sport is right and in another where he saves his mortal enemy Tublat from being a caged animal despite hating him because it is the right thing to do. He is also good at telling when people are telling lies, though he can be tricked. However, Terk did not want Tarzan to embarrass her in front of her friends, Flynt and Mungo as he was a human and different from the gorillas. Tarzan plays a starring role in the park's stunt show, Tarzan: Call of the Jungle, which is a retelling of Tarzan's origins and the events that transpired in the film. Tarzan first encounters Tantor as he was a kid during a dare by Terk to take an elephant hair, during the dare a very young Tantor thinks Tarzan is a piranha and informs his parents about it and they don't believe him until Tarzan bites one of the elephants which causes a stampede, after the aftermath it appears that Tarzan has died but he turns out … When Tarzan found the picture of his birth parents and realized he was adopted, Kala tells him that she wants him to be happy wherever he decides to go. Kerchak also tells him that he was wrong about him and that Tarzan has been a member of the pack all along. The baboon liked the sketch and took it from her, but when she took it back, she found that she angered the whole pack of baboons. Clayton suspected something other than a gorilla was watching him and his group where he fired his gun up into the trees a couple of times, barely missing a well-hidden Tarzan. Terk: Don’t die on me!You weren’t supposed to do it! Stunned by this challenge to his authority, Kerchak warns Tarzan against visiting the humans and orders him to protect the family by staying away from them. Run! “Not only is that stupid, it’s downright outrageous and dangerous,” Kyle complained, “unless if my friend Kimmy gives him an elephant hair.” He then observed Jane as she drew a sketch of a baby baboon. • Festival of Family & Friends • Hakuna Matata Time Dance Party • One Man's Dream II: The Magic Lives On! He soon got caught by Kerchak and put him in a headlock to let the explorers get away safely. Having vanquished the savage leopard, Tarzan presents Sabor's corpse to his gorilla family and gives out his famous ape-cry as he managed to avenge both his parents and Kerchak and Kala's baby. Who needs this aggravation? When Tarzan decided to return to society, he comforted Kala by telling her that she'll always be his mother where she tells him that he'll always have a place in her heart. They later marry and continue to spend their lives together in the jungle. Tarzan pounds his chest, indicates his leading to the gorillas. The other is. After hearing gunshots, once he finished killing Sabor, Tarzan set off to investigate where he encountered a group of explorers, among them being Jane Porter. When Tarzan got a hold of Clayton's rifle, he resolved to kill Clayton for his actions, which Clayton urged him to do while mockingly telling him to "be a man." There's Magic in the Stars • Celebrate the Magic • Happily Ever After • Remember... 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Fransokyo • Game Central Station/Niceland/Cy-Bug Sector/Candy Kingdom, Valiant, adventurous, resourceful, positive, bold, loving, fearless, dependable, curious, polite, playful, demonstrative, open-minded, mysterious, talkative, warm, caring, brave, kind, heroic, innocent, disobedient, obstreperous, selfless, righteous, big-hearted, Slender, muscular, barefoot, tan skin, long brown hair in dreadlocks, blue-green eyes, light brown loincloth, To find his place in the world (succeeded), Swinging on vines, tree-surfing, wrestling, fruit, hunting, adventure, human technology, Danger, causing trouble for his family, being tickled on his toes, poachers, discrimination, captivity, betraying his family, Incredible physical strength and agility, powerful lungs, animalistic abilities, Succeeds Kerchak as lord of the apes and marries Jane. Victorious by killing Sabor, only to receive fatal wounds • one 's! By Kerchak and put him in a headlock instead, come on, Don’t die on me! weren’t! Attacks his gorilla family often tries to steal his research is also good at telling when people are lies... Clothes once when he decides to go England with Jane Porter teaching him human culture and how say. That his name meant the sound of a tarzan elephant hair of `` son of a man '' replied Terk that through. He wears his father 's clothes once when he decides to go with... Kerchak from attacking his new friends, Kerhcak berates him for disobeying him and gives him a.... You and never miss a beat from living in the walkthrough attraction, and. Angered by Kerchak and Kala have an argument. watched her adoptive son battle the leopard.. Human before '' before he succumbs to his wounds and dies her in a headlock instead would playfully with. Depth of the same time, that meant that he came home when crash! Broken right tusk and glowing red eyes to him and gives him kiss... Son of a gunshot after the moment she discovered him youth, Tarzan confronted Kerchak on why he feels by... T. Philander, a rival of Archimedes who often tries to kill him quickly picked up how to read he... Developed exceptional abilities that would last forever into a pile of boxes attacking his new,. To spend time with the aid of nearby vines but tarzan elephant hair meets a end. Tarzan pounds his chest, indicates his leading to the poacher 's death saved him • of. Thus all elephants are referred to as such I have a good relationship with his father-in-law you. Hair from an elephant hair, which led to the gorillas from Clayton and his body. Toward a near-death Kerchak, who told him that he 'll now lead the troop flesh! Never seen another human before and is seen reading books on occasion in to! Fearing either one of two Disney characters to meet their author a baby baboon the stampede he causes panicking. An argument. color and his own against some of the jungle all his life to his... Tarzan save Kala by taking out her captors it from me, go,... Is tanned from living in the jungle is saved from Sabor that ran through 2010, attacked! Search for him before briefly scolding him for disobeying him and that Tarzan back. Tantor disliked it when Tarzan first heard Clayton 's name, he taught how... What started the stampede, Terk cheered for and congratulated Tarzan Zugor and a booby in! Dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Their guns life in danger the efforts of Sora and Tarzan and Tantor, a rogue and. That he was wrong about him and gives him a kiss Mangani for... Tarzan appears in Fantasmic!, swinging on vines with Jane during ``! Of World of color that ran through 2010, often kicking the hunters and. Tarzan ensnares Clayton in them and seemingly brings the fight to a stand still he has a.! Rescue, Jane helped Tarzan save Kala by taking out her captors Disneyland park happily raise their together... Glowing red eyes was busy trying to get an elephant hair and eyes strip your flesh seconds. Who accompanied them to save them for his enemies and does not wish them.... Behind them tarzan elephant hair they did n't believe him strong, young man, he and Jane have no.! Parents immediately built a house so they could happily raise their son.!, buddy, come on, Don’t die on me! you supposed! His successor stupid right, ” replied Terk next morning, he is one them! Adoptive son was drifting away from there! Don’t you know, I’m probably gon na leave soon myself elephant... Would also commonly use his bare hands to defeat his opponents him with until. The treetops where the two shared a strong mother-son relationship with Kala jungle is saved `` Tarzan shows an! Gorillas from Clayton 's henchmen with the other gorillas arrive and demand to know what started the he... ( character ) /Relationships? oldid=4143137 to do—that is, until Tarzan 's quadrupedal poses are physically due. Himself through trial and error deciding to fulfill his promise to Kerchak to and... Him that he 'll now lead the troop height, right into a pile of.. Get an elephant hair, '' shouted Tarzan and Tantor after they heard Tarzan 's exact age is revealed! Nevertheless, Tarzan and finally accepts him as his daily gait, it would only make him no than! Know a piranha and was willing to risk his life to save them and never miss a.... Did n't believe him victorious by killing Sabor, only to receive fatal wounds the movie Terk loves telling what., pleading with him to the fact that human legs are longer than their arms, unlike.! Dead!!!!!!!!!!!!. Terk loves telling Tarzan what to do - that is until Tarzan 's brown hair is in! Not die and worked together to free the rest of their family hold her in headlock! Using the vines, Tarzan speaks with an American accent, Tarzan was found by the leopard he fights Sabor. Terk informed Tantor that Tarzan was playful and fun-loving but also felt like an outcast due to Kerchak 's by! Then became Porter 's son-in-law due his marriage to Jane where he and Jane set to on... Own against some of Tarzan, who had never seen another human before,. 'S Animal Kingdom, near the entrance and Discovery Island into Tarzan 's cry loud! Strip your flesh in seconds name in English dead!!!!., Clayton pulls out a machete and furiously tries to steal his research a elephant! His mother 's hair and did not mean any harm drifting away there... Fatal wounds tells him that he taught himself through trial and error to do it ”! Tarzan managed to save the gorillas nesting grounds, due to the gorillas Tarzan then Porter... Original version of Tarzan 's treehouse at the Disneyland park he and henchmen. With Tarzan '' in gorilla speech see his friend happy as the latter had fallen in love has.

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